Home - Pädi Goodbye

  About two weeks ago, I sat in the studio and suddenly there was a problem: the song we just listened to (BLOOD) didn't touch me at all. I couldn't enjoy it for the first time in a year. Mischa and Andi added their keyboard parts and even if they did a killer job, I couldn't appreciate it. I chose the wrong words to express my displeasure and I delivered a blow to my friends. We couldn't clear the situation on this evening. Here they were, the woeful musical differences. Everyone went home to cool down. Mischa talked to Marco and Andi, I counseled with Michel.
The next day we all met in the studio. The atmosphere was tense. Everyone was nervous and wanted an answer to the question: HOW IS THIS GOING TO CONTINUE??
We all had a short night with little sleep, while thinking about the question.
I figured out that I was the musical antithesis to Mischa, Marco and Andi. This couldn't go well for a longtime. The Endoguys, we spent over a year together fulfilling our dream (this record), didn't deserve that. That's why I decided to leave ENDORAS before our friendship had to suffer from our musical differences. Your sincere sorrow honored me. It was a wonderful year with you guys!!
You deserve a drummer that is 100% excited about your Endosound.

I wish you all the best. With my successor Alex (Mexikaniker) you got the chance to become a happy Endoteam. He is a super drummer and a nice person!

At the moment I'm working on completing the line-up for my new band. I hope to realize my musical ideas.

THANK YOU guys for the good times, for the laughs, for the good conversations and the super ENDOTIME.

It's nice to have friends like you.