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20.12.09 There are already a lot of gigs booked for 2010. Update your calendar, there's a lot of opportunities to see us live.
The pics from the Tibis gig are online. The pics from the Tibis gig are online. Time to refresh your memories from the evening or just enjoy watching some pics from the gig.
14.10.09 We are proud to announce the first gig for next year. We will play in Affoltern am Albis (ZH) at Klaus Haus on the 30. of January 2009. We hope to meet you there.
For all you iTunes Fans out there, we have a surprise for you. It's now possible to buy our songs in the iTunes store. Enjoy shopping.You can also buy our songs at amazon, musicload and napster. Finally all roads lead to Endoras.
13.09.09 The contact page has been updated.
The livepage is now uptodate, all the new concerts are listed.
There's also a picture of our new Cheffe, just scroll down the page.
The shop is open for orders again. Done for now:-)
02.07.09 We got a surprise for everyone who hasn't seen us live yet. The gig in the Met-Bar has been recorded, so this is your chance to see us "live"! The videos are on YouTube and on our website. Enjoy.
We also got some candy for your ears this month. We installed a new mp3-player, so now you can listen to samples of all our songs. Maybe this helps in your decision to buy our record. :-)
28.06.09 The links to CeDe.ch and Phontastics.ch have been added to the shop.
07.06.09 Thanks to Bössli we already got the pictures for the last gig. Enjoy.
15.05.09 Thanks to Claudia we already got some pics from the gig last saturday. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The pics give a great impression of the atmosphere of that night. Everyone who didn't come to the gig check out the pics and you now what you missed. Everyone else, just enjoy the pics, it might bring back some memorys of the evening. .-)
14.05.09 The new gigs are online. You best note them in your calendar so you don't miss one.
There are new band and metal-places links online.
14.04.09 The new gigs are online. You best note them in your calendar so you don't miss one.There's also a new review from the US so enjoy reading.
20.02.09 The new gigs are online. You best note them in your calendar so you don't miss one.
There's an important information for all of you who already booked a hotel in Königshofen. Our gig in germany has been moved from Königshofen to Dinkelsbühl. So you better change your bookings. .-)
08.01.09 The new gigs are online. You best note them in your calendar so you don't miss one. We also added some pics from our crew to the bandmembers page. Thanks to Dominic for all that he's done so far for the band. A big Endo-welcome to poly who is responsible for the merchandise since Wacken 08. Thanks for your effort.
07.12.08 There's a new french review online.
Finally some more pics of the True As Steel gig arrived and are online now. Thanks to Claudia for the Pics.
The Pictures from our gig last weekend have also already arrived, it look like some of my bandmates read this website. .-)
25.11.08 The new reviews are online.
13.11.08 There are a lot of live reviews to read, at least if you understand german. Checkout the website of >Radio 21, there are a lot of pics to be found and even some radio interviews. Could be funny to listen to for you english speaking people out there. There's even an interview with Mischa. The answer to the question when we play our next gig is on the 29. of november dear Mischa. .-)
I also added the new interview with Legacy, enjoy reading it.
27.10.08 The first batch of pictures from the True As Steel gig finally arrived. Thanks to Claudia for the good pics. You won the first prize for delivering the pics so fast. I'm still waiting for some more photos from our battle in Uster and from the True As Steel. So I know a few people who could model themselves on you.
19.10.08 The Endo-Shop has been expanded, now we offer the official Endo-Wear online. Attention, the prices shown are now without postal charges. You'll get a confirmation mail with the exact price where the charges are included.
There are T-shirt's, lighter cases, pins and stickers available.
As soon as I get the pictures from our last two gigs, they will be in our gallery.
22.08.08 The new reviews are online. We would be very thankful if someone could translate the italian review for us. All the online translation tools we tried didn't help much in understanding it.
We added some more webzines to our link collection.
23.07.08 Now that I finally got the pics from the last gig they're online for you to enjoy. Thanks to Mama Strebel for the nice pictures.
The next Battle gig is on the live page, we hope you'll be there.
11.06.08 The new reviews have been added. Thanks to powermetal.de, metal.de and metal-underground.at.vu for the good reviews. No thanks to FFM-Rock for the slating even if he did his best to bash us.
Some more links added.
02.06.08 Thanks to mama Strebel we now have some pics from our gig at the Wenk.
13.05.08 Some more pics of the gig at the Jugs have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Joni of Inishmore for the superb photos.
There are also some pics from our gig at Tibi's Downstairs.
28.04.08 The new concerts have been added to the live page. Update your agenda if you don't want to miss our gigs.
02.04.08 At last there is a prove of Mischa and Marco playing at the gigs some weeks before. We got some more Pics that also show our singer and our guitarist at the Rock City and in Bern. Thanks to Tamara for the nice pics.
We also got some new pictures fresh from the press that give you a good impression of the gig last saturday. Thanks to my sister Katja and the Strebel family for the excellent pics.
21.03.08 There are new pics from the last two gigs online. Although Mischa and Marco don't appear on the pictures they weren't replaced by samples, they played live. I hope we get some more pics to prove that.
12.03.08 The Live page has been updated.
Flyer for our CD-Release Party and for the Metal Battle are online.
05.03.08 The Live page has been updated.
The price of the Heavy Metal Nation IV Sampler has been reduced, you can order the CD now.
The South Park Pics have been replaced by a bandpic. But you will still find them somewhere on the page. :-)
26.02.08 The Live page has been updated.
The Heavy Metal Nation IV Sampler has been added to the Tunes page. You can order the CD now.
11.02.08 The epic battle against the forces of the evil server has come to an end. Victory is ours and the guest book is working. Thanks to the technical Support for their help. We look forward to your messages in the book.
10.02.08 We had to change our Hoster so some of the CGI's unfortunately stopped working. The news mail scripts has already been fixed but the guest book still refuses to work. I'm on it, please be patient.
23.01.08 The Live page has been updated with the new concerts.
There are new band pics online. They were taken at our fotosession in december.
15.01.08 During Christmas time even more pictures of our first gig appeared. Thanks to my sister Katja for the great shots.
The concert in Uster has been postponed to 15.03.2008 19:00. The time and date have been changed on the live page.
04.12.07 Some pictures of our first gig are online. Enjoy.
20.09.07 I added some new links, for example one to the Evilized Webzine, where you can read our first review.
There's also a picture of our new bass player Andi and info's about him are available.
Have fun exploring the news on the web site.
14.08.07 Some of the lyrics have not been displayed properly on IE an Opera. Thanks to Mischa who told me about it. This is fixed now and the webmaster has been punished, trust me. .-)
29.07.07 As you may have noticed the new CD has it's effect on the Web site. The starting page has been changed, to present our new record on the front page.
The Tunes of Endoras section has also changed. Now you can read all the lyrics there. The design of the lyrics has been adjusted to the CD.
There's a new CD-Order Page where you can pre-order our new Record.
Believe it or not, but now it's possible to listen to our songs on this website. Check out the tunes pages and enjoy.
31.05.07 There are new band pic. Andi had some spare time and did some EndoPark Pic's. Enjoy!
17.05.07 The old band photo has been removed and will be replaced as soon as there's a new one.
There are some new pics in the gallery. They were taken in our new band room.
Alex's page has been added. Here you'll find out everything about our new drummer.
06.04.07 The studio diary is now complete . The last blackouts are recovered and more than a month of work and fun has been transformed into a diary. Enjoy reading the genesis of our demo.
12.02.07 Some more pictures have been added to the gallery. The pics were taken last december. This is what happens when metalheads, swords, castles and cameras get together.
20.11.06 Padi and Michels Bios have been added. I also did some minor changes to the page and deleted some broken links. Enjoy your visit in Endoras.
14.11.06 The lyrics for Once in a Lifetime are ready to be read. Enjoy.
28.06.06 Now there's proof that Endoras is still alive. I added some new pictures to the gallery.
31.05.06 I added the new Endopeople to the Band members Page. As soon as I got the new Pictures from the band room and from some parties, I will add them to the Gallery.
10.04.03 There are some more new links.
02.03.03 There are some more new links to game-sites.
There was some bug-killin going on. But now this site should be bug free.. at least I hope so.
29.12.02 My Provider did some mayor bullshit, so our guestbook didn't work for about two months. I'm sorry for that. I just found out about it today. Why didn't anybody tell me? Please just send a mail, if something's not working. I'll fix it.. if I know about it!
Now its working again, so use it! ;-)
25.12.02 New stuff for the ears. Check out Blood on Horizon in our tunes section. That's our little christmas present for you. Enjoy it!
29.10.02 Some more news. I had to remove the song Dragonfire because it won't be on the demo. But there's a new song that soon will be finished: Black Jack Inn. This will to be a very funny song. You'll like it!
28.08.02 Back from Summer Breeze I did some fixed some details. Now all the forms should work. The news got a "new" background, now I think its easier to read.
13.08.02 Say goodbye to the beloved (?) Flash Map. It takes too much time to keep it up to date. It is still reachable over the detour via sitenews.
I also mourn for all generation 4 browser-users, because they will not reach this site anymore. Please update your browsers! CSS rules!!
There's a lot of bug-killin goin on... I hope to reach a real bug-free site very soon! ;-)
07.08.02 I'm back from Metal heaven!
Riding on a metal high I decided to redesign the html menu. I hated the old one from the beginning on but had no time to change it. Now it's done and I hope you like it. It should be easier to navigate the page and it looks much cooler then the old one.
30.07.02 Before I start my journey towards Wacken I put some more Links into the Link- Section. There is also a new Sitemap.
The Flash Map is still alive.. check it out!
Now everyone should find whatever he is searching for.
Have fun and see you in Wacken!
20.05.02 Now that my hands are working again, I did a little facelift to this site. I hope you like the new fonts and the "new" style.
At last it's possible to view this page in greater resolution than 1024 x 768.
15.05.02 At last the lyrics are up-to-date again. The Elvenqueen has turned to Blood on Horizon during the past months.
I just did a facelift to the lyrics pages.
The is also a new song online: The Farewell Stone. As said in the bandnews, it lacks vocals. I think it will nevertheless give you a first impression.
19.04.02 The Fan pages strike back! As you all (?) know Rhapsody has an official homepage. That's one of the reasons to reanimate the fan pages. For the last few years the swedish Rhapsody homepage has been my only source of information in the web, so this link has to stay in my linkcollection! Reason two: I found a brilliant fan page for the reborn LEFAY.
I also added a new menu at the top of each link page to improve the navigation inside the link collection... I have been too lazy to update the flash- and html- navigation on the left, so you have to stick to the navbar on the top to reach the fan pages- and the mail order- links. There's no choice ;-)
As soon as there's more time the flash menu will be updated!
14.04.02 The links section is growing on and on. I just added some more links here !
26.03.02 I just collected some more links. Lots of cool bands and zines.. here !
28.02.02 Now there's one more song to download. Go to the Tunes-Section and listen to Where eagles dare.
08.02.02 There are some more links in the new Places section.
Thanks to War from Mordor Magazine I'm able to put the first interview online. That's the reason for the new Press link. There you'll find interviews and reviews (as soon as the demo is out).
18.01.02 Maybe someone noticed, when you downloaded the song "Princess of the dawn" it said "where eagles dare" in winamp. I was a bit too tired when I put that mp3 online ;-). Now there is the updated version ready for download. The song is called "Princess of the dawn". But don't forget "where eagles dare" because that's the next song that will follow in the Tunes of Endoras section.
16.01.02 Happy new year to everyone!
At last I updated the links-section. I took out the "Fan pages" and replaced them by "Metal portal". In this new "Metal portal"-section you'll find various links to pages that can be used as a portal to the metal worlds inside the www. These links are very useful if you want an overview about a certain scene ore about a country.
24.12.01 I'm very proud to present as promised the first song of ENDORAS: "The Princess of the Dawn". I took me some days to get the sound we wanted but I think every attempt gets me closer. Enough talking, here is the link that leads you to this fine piece of music. Merry Christmas to everyone!
18.12.01 We made some pics in the "Studio". If you want to take a look at the place the sound of ENDORAS is getting crafted take this path.
07.11.01 Some more details about the members of ENODRAS are revealed in the Band-section. Check it out!
12.08.01 After a big Wacken-break I decided to do some face-lifting to this site. I hope you like the new dragonintro and this welcome page, where you get the most important things on one page. I also added some new links in the fantasy- and the bands-section. Have Fun!
15.05.01 Now I have added some features to the contact -section, like Newsmail (for news-mailinglist) and "Spread the Word" (tell your friends about our page). At last there are some MP3's in the Tunes section. They have been recorded during rehearsal.
08.05.01 At least I have a Guestbook that works and doesn't have a bloody banner. After hours of trying I know how to install CGI ;-). This is just a beta version of the guestbook I think this can be improve. My humble thanks go to CGI-Resources and CGI-Scrips@dtp-auss.com for their tips and scripts.
07.05.01 Welcome to Endoras has moved to a new home: www.endoras.ch, so don't forget to update your bookmarks. To celebrate this properly, I decided to add a nice Flash menu to the FLASH-Site. I really like that dragon of Michi.
02.05.01 Killed some bugs ;-) and adjusted the layout of the links pages plus lots of changes that you cannot see.
21.04.01 Finally my page is compatible with Microsoft's bloody Explorer. It took me some hours with SELFHTML but now its working. Thanks to the guy that wrote that very useful guide to html. To celebrate this I decided to add a nice flash-intro, hope you like it too. I added some information to the bandmembers-section too. Now there is even a map in html available, check it out if you don't like flash.
16.12.00 I have redesigned the Lyrics-pages. Check them out in the Tunes of Endoras!
09.12.00 After some week's work I have updated the whole site. It is only finished in english, but I hope you'll enjoy the new page. Unfortunately the page works only with Netscape 4.75. Don't know why but the IE doesn't seem to be able to display my frame set. Have Fun with this "new" page and tell me if it pleases you... please. PS. check out the great flash map of this sit. Its huge ~200 kB but its worth waiting. A HTML map will be finished soon.
28.03.00 Some new navigation tools and links added. check out the links-section!!
21.03.00 Now the face lifted german/english - version should work without layout -and other kinds of errors.!
17.03.00 A general face-lifting is going on, so check out this site often the coming days!
16.03.00 I have added some Metal rings and new links and modified the navbar.
16.02.00 Nice Dragon added in the dragonfire-lyric. Thanks to Michi a friend of mine.
14.02.00 as you may have noticed I have done some javascript update. I hope you like it.
08.02.00 guestbook added, just come and have a look at it
28.01.00 lyrics added, check them out in the Tunes of Endoras section!
28.01.00 contact page added.
25.01.00 new metal webring has been activated, thanks to rattenmonster!
14.01.00 german version is ready to watch!
13.01.00 german version of this page is under construction
11.01.00 links and webrings added, webring not yet activated
10.01.00 just added band history and tunes of endoras.
05.01.00 framed version of the Endoras Homepage is online!
30.12.99 Welcome to Endoras, the first version of the Endoras homepage is online!!!