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The old days (News Archiv)

02.06.14 Pics of the new Line-Up have been uploaded to the gallery. The nice guy on the left is our new drummer Michi. Enjoy the gallery.

A few things happend on the website. We added all the our songs to the mediaplayer in full length. So you are able to listen to our music without paying anything. If you then deceide to buy our records and support our band you are welcome. We also added all the Radio Interviews we had so far. If you understand swiss german you are invited to check it out.

We also added some new pictures to our gallery. Thanks to the "Strebels" we have some pics from the Jugs Gig to share. The Flyer gallery has also been updated. Thanks to Andreas from Swissmetalheads we can no present some pics from the gig in Thun. Now you know what you missed. .-) Enjoy the gallery.

15.09.13 No news here at the moment.
08.05.13 Wanted!!! We are looking for a Front Lady or rather a Front Growling Beast to support me (Mischa) on stage performing the vocal parts. We need someone who knows how to growl, scream and perform on stage. We don't need a snow white, he he. You are aged between 25-35 and interested, then please contact us.
16.06.12 At the moment there are no news to tell, but the ticket order form is outdated.

The Dark Legacy Cover

After a short break some more changes were done. The layout has been adapted to the CD layout. Thanks to Andi for the almost perfect GIF's and the good ideas. Yes, we actually have an english version of our website. .-)
The MP3 Player is now available as a new window. So your able to listen to our songs and still browse our website. Isn't that a good idea? We hope you like it.
We also updated the reviews-archieve. The live review from Liechtenstein and the first "The Dark Legacy" review has been added. Thanks for the very good review go to Patricia and Metal Factory. For all of you who speak or read german here a short quote: " .. das Songwriting ist allgemein auf einem hohen Niveau und das Album bietet viel Abwechslung und dürfte jedem Power Metal-Fan das Herz höher schlagen lassen. "
The promised gallery wil also follow very shortly, so stay tuned for the next changes.

10.01.12 This time ther's also not much to say. We let the images speak for themselves. Now the website wears new cloths, we hope you like them. There's lot's of thing going on the next few week. A new gallery is planned but not ready yet. It takes some time to upload all the images and to adjust the thing to our needs.
There are also plans for a complete and total revamp of the website but that's not going to happen within the next months. The CD production took a bit longer than thought and the website had to pay the price. But as you can see, she's doing better.
16.11.11 The Dark Legacy has arrived.

The isn't much more to say. Except maybe that our sweetest dream has come true with the new album. You can hear for yourself in the "Tunes" section. There are two new songs awaiting you attention:"Dance Of Giants" and the title track "The Dark Legacy" are online in full length. The remaining songs are on the CD, so buy it or come to our release party and listen to them live.
01.11.11 More good news incoming. We just received the confirmation of a gig with Elis. We will rock the Central Garage at the 17.12.2011.
We also received some pics from our last gig. Thanks to Dystera for them. You can check them out in the gallery, as usual.
26.09.11 We had to lay the guestbook to rest because it was beyond repair. As soon as the new website is done, there will be a comeback of the guestbook.
Also, the concerts are up to date.
14.03.11 Now that I got some more spare time again, I uploaded the pics from the Met-Bar gig. For everyone how can't remember and we believe that there are many, take at a look at our pics and regain you memories. .-)
Thanks again for the wonderful evening.
19.01.11 The gigs are up-to-date. We are pretty happy to already announce two gigs for this year and we're looking forward to return to the Met-Bar and the Absolut Pub.
19.10.10 Now we're up-to-date with the pics. The pictures from the gig in Schöftland arrived and are now online. We didn't realize what a great light show we had until we saw the pics from the evening. Enjoy them, we did.
There are even moving pictures from the gig, but we don't know yet what we will do with them. What we can reveal is, that the pictures are good quality.
13.10.10 We got some pics from the last gig to share with you. Enjoy refreshing your memories of the evening.
While uploading the latest radio interview with Radio Radius I discovered an old interview, that Mischa gave when we played at the True As Steel Festival. We will share this valuable contemporary document with you. We predicted the new album to come out this year but next year it will be reality. Just one year late, not bad. You won't even have to wait for the Duke until 2666, 2011 will be a great year. :-)
02.06.10 The pics from the Nach(t)brand gig arrived and they will be shared with you. Thanks to Mama Strebel and Kassandra of Medazzarock for the great pictures of the evening. A special thanks goes to Kassandra for her live review. It's a long time since we've been reviewed. You can still enjoy the Diashow of the evening at the Caladmor website.

You can read the review in our review collection or on the Medazzarock website. Enjoy reading, I did. All I can say is: Bruce! :-)
25.05.10 Gigs updated:
We will play on the 10.9. ca. 21:00 at the Cinema8 Festival in Schöftland. Yeah, finally our first Open Air Gig.

We don't have our own pic's from the dynamo gig yet. Until we got our own, you can enjoy the Diashow at the Caladmor website.
29.03.10 Gigs and links updated.
Pictures from the gig at Rocktown uploaded. Check them out at the gallery.
07.03.10 Gigs updated.
07.02.10 The gig at the ölfleck has been postponed. We will presumably play there on the 18. of September. As soon as were are 100% sure about it, we will post the gig on the website.
31.01.10 The concert list has been updated.
Some links of bands we played with and places we played at have been added.
The old days (News Archive)