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20.12.09 Cheers Metalheads
A lot happened the last few weeks. We played two great gigs at the Jugs and at the Tibis Downstairs. But the highlight of the year was our gig at the Metbar in Lenzbar. Thanks to a superb Met-Bar team, our new soundman Andi (yes, yet another Andi .-)) and a great audience, we will remember this evening for a long time.
Not only the gig was fantastic no, we even received the Met-Bar Award for the most creative and original live performance of the year 2009. What a great honor!
Many thanks to Marcel, for this award. We knew that there would be a surprise that evening but we didn't expect anything like this. :-)
We wish you all a good holiday season and all the best for 2010. We hope to see you healthy and in good mood at one of our gigs next year.
14.10.09 The Gig in Rock-City was the last one there. Not because we didn't play well, no, because the club has to close down soon. Rest in peace Rock-City.
We performed all of our new songs and will again soon. So even if you have seen us before it's worth coming to a concert again. You'll like the new material.
13.09.09 Long time no see. But now we're all back from Wacken, Holiday, Honeymoon or whatever. There are two more songs none outside the band has ever heard that are in the pipeline.
There's been a change in the Endo-Crew. Claudia Herzog took over the management from "Bössli". Due to some changes in his job he was unable to help us anymore. Thanks for the great effort you did for us. From now on Claudia is responsible of booking and other requests to the band. She already convinced us with her power. We look forward to work with her.
There are some more concerts this year you could add to your calendar. On the 10. of october we play with Jaguar and Sin Starlett at Rock-City and on the 24. of october at Jugs in Nussbaumen. See you there!
28.06.09 After long and hard negotiations our CD is now available for purchase on CeDe.ch and Phontastics.ch .
We did some more work on our band room, now there's a second floor and we did some rewire. Now we're able to record our ideas right in our rehearsal room and look forward to work on new songs. For all that are interested, soon there will be some pics online.
We are happy to announce a new gig in december. We will return to the Met-Bar on the 11. of december.
07.06.09 We had a lot of fun last saturday at the metal garage. It looked like you also enjoyed the evening. For the first time in band history the crowd was full of dwarfs when we played "Black Jack Inn" thanks to hats from daydeal. What a party, check out the pics from the gig, there are some really funny one's. We were even convinced by the crowd to play "Metal Crue" from Sabaton despite the fact that we deleted the song from the setlist. Thanks to Chrigi and the metal garage Team for the gig and for the delicious food. We would like to come back to the garage some day.
Now there's a live-break until november when we play with Emerald at the Tibis. 'Til then there's lots of time to work on new songs.
14.05.09 What an unforgettable evening. But fortunately in the positive sense this time. It started getting good when they dished up the buffet. There were a lot of tasty things to eat and we were afraid for a moment that we couldn't move on stage after this feast. But as the club was getting crowded this fear was gone and we just couldn't wait to start to rock. And rock we did, believe me, it was a great show in front of an unbelievable crowd.
Thanks to Marcel and the Met-Bar crew for everything, we felt at home from the first minute on. A big Thanks goes to the crowd at the Met-Bar, without you it wouldn't have been such a great party!
The next opportunity to celebrate with us is the 6. of June. Then we play at the Metal Garage with Chronos. We look forward to see you there.
03.05.09 What an unforgettable first may. But unfortunately not in the good sense. When the first band started to play the audience consisted mostly of musicians. This didn't change when we played. Most of the bands didn't take their equipment with them because they didn't know they had to.
We felt like a equipment store for a moment. .-)
I saved the best for the end, the organizer was nowhere to be found when we tried to find him for our fee. It looks like no band got any money, even the guy who sold sausages didn't get his cash.
What a strange evening, but at least we had our fun on stage.
We hope we get our money at the next gig next in the metbar. Join us there for a metal party with lots of new songs.!
14.04.09 The first gig in germany was a success. We played for about 1.75 hours, the longest gig in band history and believe me we were quite exhausted. We performed the whole set including all the new songs. We had to play one song twice and they were still screaming for more. What a night.
There's more gigs to come, the next will be on labour day in Oensingen, 9. may we will play in the Metbar in Lenzburg and at the 14. November we will storm the Tibis in Bern again and party with Emerald, so stay tuned.
12.03.09 We're back from our mini-tour. It has been quite a busy weekend and start of the week. Last saturday we played at a birthday party in Auenstein. It was a good warm-up show for the highlight that followed monday.
Then we opened for Blaze Bayley and Rain at the Tibis Downstairs. The club was rather crowded for a monday. We played for half an hour and it felt like five minutes, we really enjoyed the gig. Many thanks to Andi who made this gig possible, also thanks to the whole Tibis team who makes us feel at home everytime we have the honor to play there. Until we got some pics of the gig here, you can check out the gallery of the Tibiswebsite.
20.02.09 There are some new from the Endo-Land. At last we are on youtube. No moving pictures yet but at least some pics that even the band members didn't know. You will get moving pictures as soon as we convinced the data to move from the cartridge to the HD. You will be the first to know when we succeeded.
Now to the real highlight. We will return to the Tibi's Downstairs with you know whom? Yeah right, with Blaze Bayley. We didn't believe our ears when we first heard it, but it's true and we look forward to this gig like madmen.
We hope to meet some of you there.
08.01.09 We wish you all a good new year and hope you had a good start.
Next year we'll play our first gig in germany. On the 3. april we'll storm Königshofen together with Seven Miles Of Green and will celebrate a metal party.
But no worries, we will still play concerts in the region. Our next gig is at the Met-Bar in Lenzburg. We look forward to see you all there. 'Till then.
07.12.08 The concert season for this year has ended. And it ended with a good gig at the Jugs. Thanks to Tanelron and Mazy for support and fun together. We enjoyed the evening and hope you enjoyed it as well.
We just received a review in french, no idea how they got hold of our CD but the review is good. They didn't criticize neither our music nor our singer and liked our sound very much. We got 7.5 out of 10 points, that's a very good closure for this year. Let's hope we get some more reviews like that in the coming year.
25.11.08 Endoras Goes Metal Camp.. with your support. Please vote for us and make our dream come true to play at on of the big summer festivals. Go to www.metalcamp.com end type Endoras into the search field, then vote for us. We are thankful for every single vote.
We just received two new reviews of our demo. It's interesting how discordant the opinions about our record are. One says that we and especially the singer are on a high technical level but our music is extremely unspectacular (Underground Empire). The reviewer from Legacy raves about the complexity and diversity of our music but thinks that Mischa's voice dims some the good impression.
Just take the best of the two reviews and you know what to expect or just make your own opinion and listen to our music.
There's even a chance to see us live this saturday. We rock the house in the Jugs at Nussbaumen. Tanelorn and Maze are there too to celebrate with us.
13.11.08 Last week we did a revamp of our band room. Now everything looks tidy, we have a much better sound than before. It was worth the effort moving our equipment for the what felt like hundredth time in just a few days.
But now we're ready. We need to be ready. Our plan is to present as many new songs as possible at our next gig at the Jugs on the 29. of November. If everything works fine, we will unleash three new songs on your ears. You better don't miss this special evening.
If that's still not enough to convince you, Tanelorn is also rocking this evening and we present a special guest.
See you there.
19.10.08 Last saturday was another unforgettable evening and a great gig at the True As Steel festival. The venue was quite empty when we did our sound check. But during our gig more and more people crowded the hall. In the end we had a numerous and cheerful crowd that celebrated a great metal party with us. The highlight of the show was the return of Andi on the bass guitar, welcome back and of course the appearance of Black Jack himself. It was a great evening, thanks to everyone who made this possible.
This is a great moment for everyone who has no chance to see us live. Our Shop has been expanded and now we offer the official Endo-Wear online. Grab your Endoras T-Shirt before it's too late. Enjoy shopping.
04.10.08 Another battle lost, what a pity. But all in all it was a good evening except for the award ceremony. We had a lot of fun on the stage and we had the impression you also enjoyed our gig. Thanks for your votes and your support and many thanks to Michi for filling in at short notice.
Last saturday we played a gig in Baden. We enjoyed the evening even if the location was a lot emptier than Rock-City the week before. We enjoyed playing without a battle and rocked like mad. It was also the live premiere for black jack himself. This wasn't his last appearance for sure. Thanks to Katja for the cool dwarf.
At last we received our Endo-Collection, the new T-shirts were available at our last gigs. If you like to buy one, come to a gig or visit this website frequently. They should be available online very soon.
Next saturday the highlight for this year will take place in Winterthur, this is where we play at the True as Steel festival at 18:00. Don't miss this!
19.09.08 The concert season has begun again. Next saturday we will fight at the Metal-Inferno Battle in Uster. Thanks to everyone who already got a ticket, the gig is sold out. We look forward to play and hopefully win.
On the 27. September there's already the next gig planed, we'll play at the Musikfabrik Kappelerhof in Baden. This will be the first gig with some of our rehearsal room neighbors.
There are also some not so good news to tell. Our Bass player Andi took a curve with his motorcycle a bit too fast since then he's unable to play bass. Fortunately we found someone to replace him for the important upcoming gig. Thanks to Michi for filling in at such short notice.
22.08.08 We're back from Wacken and still alive. Thanks to Pasci, Reto and his buddy from Bern and to Simon from Dystera for their visit to our EndoBus. We enjoyed drinking and chatting with you. We were actually quite surprised that we got visitors.
We received some more reviews. Thanks to Neckbreaker, Metal-District and Metal Italia for their fair judgment.
No thanks go to Arlette VON Huguenin for her slating. This proves that she still didn't process her expulsion from paradise (Endoras) more than ten years ago. Get a life!
The band is now preparing for battle, for the Metal Inferno Battle and we look forward to fight!
23.07.08 The next battle is coming up. At the 19. of september the Metal Inferno Battle starts at the Rock City. We count on every one of you to storm the place and vote for us. We look forward to see you there. You can order your ticket's here. All the optimist's could also mark the 18. of october and the first of november in their agenda. That's when the Final and the Metal Inferno take place.
Next week we won't be around. At least not here. The band is going to Wacken to enjoy the festival as fans... for the last time. We wish you a good wacken and hope to meet some of you there.

Cheers Metalheads!
11.06.08 Last saturday we were on stage at the Jug's. Even the starting EURO 2008 didn't stop quite a lot of people to celebrate metal. It was a special evening so we decided to present our new song "Temple Of Misery" for the first time worldwide live. I think the crowd liked it.
Now there's a live break until october.
The reviews start to trickle in, we had some very good reviews and one slating. Unfortunately their are all in german so it could be hard to read them for most of you that's why I'll sum them up for you. Almost everyone liked our music and they recommended to buy the record. Now you all know what you need to do. .-)
02.06.08 Next weekend the EURO 2008 starts and everyone is excited. What's more fun then celebrating this special moment with an Endoras concert? Nothing, right? Join our party at the 7. of june at the Jugs.
See you there.
13.05.08 Last saturday we were on the road again. We had a lot of fun on stage and thanks to the metal dwarfs "Black Jack Inn" was a special moment. We now look forward to our next gig at the Jugs in Nussbaumen. We hope to see you there.
For all of you who missed the legendary review of our CD in the Metal Hammer, you can read it here.. at least if you understand german.
28.04.08 Better late than never, here comes the comment about our last gig. The 19. was a great day. In the afternoon we made the stage ready for the evening and then we enjoyed the sun and were busy doing nothing. The concert was good and we felt at home on the stage. After our gig we watched the Voyager show, they rocked!
Now we have a short live break, the next gig is on the 10 of May. There are more gigs confirmed. On the 11. of october we have the honor to play at the "True as Steel Festival", we look forward to that gig. The last concert so far will be on the 29. of november. Than we will again storm the stage at the Jugs in Nussbaumen. We look forward to the Pizza.
02.04.08 I still got a smile in my face from last saturday. The gig to celebrate our CD was a great success. For the first time we played the whole set and after Bössli asked for it even an encore. We celebrated "Black Jack Inn" with a horde of crazy Metal Dwarfs, it was just great. Thanks go to our godparents Bohne, Sandra, Pädi and Bössli who helped a lot to make our dream come true. We also like to thank the Jugs team for their great work and for the delicious Pizza. We felt at home and look forward to our next gig in your place. Many thanks also to all our relatives, our friends, the ones we know and the ones we don't know for celebrating with us. You made this evening what it was, an unforgettable moment.
21.03.08 We survived the first intense concert weekend. It was great fun and we got some very good feedbacks. On Friday we didn't win the battle, so once more we travel to wacken as fans. Congratulations to the winners.
On saturday or rather sunday (00:30) we rocked the Rock-City in Uster. We had a lot of fun on the stage, thanks to the crowd that was energizing even at a late hour. Thanks to Jan for the Heavy Metal Nation Sampler an the concert. We enjoyed the evening.
This weekend we don't play live but the next one we'll celebrate our CD.
12.03.08 We're gonna play at the W.O.A. .. Metal Battle. The invitation to the battle came rather unexpected but we are extremely happy to participate. The battle starts this friday, that's a lot better than rehearsing as us we usually do fridays.
On saturday we already play our next gig. We rock at the HMN IV Sampler release party. The band looks forward to this great weekend, please wish us luck for the battle.
05.03.08 It's time to update your agenda. We will rock the Jugs again the 7. of June. Steelroad asked us to join them this evening and we accepted. We look forward to rock with you guys.
26.02.08 There's one more concert that has been confirmed. We play at the Wenk in Aarau on the 10. of May. We don't know yet who's on the stage with us.
There's been a review of our CD in the german Metal Hammer in the Demozone. The metal pope himself Andreas Schöwe reviewed it and we got quite good marks:-)
10.02.08 Today at 22:00 you got your last chance to listen to our legendary first radio interview. Just click on www.rockstation.ch and you'll be able to enjoy our wise words. At least if you have basic swiss german language skills. .-)
23.01.08 Last saturday we were invited to a radio interview quite early in the morning(1100). Roger Wetli from Radio Kanal K asked us questions about our bandhistory, about our old and new songs and about many more things. We had a lot of fun answering the questions. You better don't take all of the answers too serious.
You'll be able to listen to the interview at Radio Kanal K 31.01. 23:00. As long as you speak swiss german you'll understand what we're talking about. .-) If you miss the show, it will also be shown on www.rockstation.ch but we don't know when yet.
There are two upcoming live shows. At the 29. of march we will celebrate our CD at the JUX in Nussbaumen. At the 19 of april we will open for Voyager at Tibis Downstairs in Worblaufen.
15.01.07 Welcome to the new Year. We hope you all had an Endoras CD under the Christmas Tree. .-)
While everyone was celebrating we were locked up for 4 days in the band room. It was quite a creative time, we worked on a new cover, on a new song and had some fun. On the 28. of december we made a trip to Bremgarten (AG) with Bössli and Sandra and shoot some new bandpics. As soon as we got them, you'll see them on this web site.
04.12.07 The "Heavy Metal Nation IV" Sampler featuring our Song "By the Firelight" is in production now and should be available soon. We hope they have less problems with the CD-Production than we did. As a little pre taste, here's the Cover.
We will lock ourselves in the band room during the christmas holiday to rehears, write new songs and arrange some cover songs, so next year you can expect a show that's longer than the record.
05.11.07 Only five days left 'till our first concert takes place in Baden. We are busy preparing and rehearsing. See you this saturday!
We are proud to announce that Endoras will be part of the "Heavy Metal Nation IV" Sampler from Quam Libet Records. We will even play at the presentation of the sampler on the 8. of march 2008 at Rock City(Uster). Thanks to Quam Libet for this opportunity.
04.10.07 Endoras will play live, this year!!
We'll give our first concert on the 10 of November in the club Merkker in Baden. Try to be there early because we'll start playing at 19:00. We look forward to our premiere. Check out all the info's on the new live page.
20.09.07 Last rehearsal was a premiere: The first time the new Endoras line up played together. It was a sublime moment the five of us rocking like hell.
There's more good news to tell: we got our first review and it even is a very good one. Thanks to another Andi in our Life (the one from Evilized Webzine) for the very good and fair review.
We look forward to some more reviews, good ones whenever possible. .-)
01.09.07 You won't believe it but it's true! The first 200 of our long awaited CD have finally arrived!! Thy were even sent by UPS Express, looks like the management kept it's promise.
With the CD's in our hand's the rehearsal was great. We rocked like never before!
Thanks to Inishmore for the visit and for buying our record, they even wanted us to sign it. We felt like rock stars:-)
We look forward to your orders and your comments about "Blood on the Horizon".
30.08.07 At last there are some good news to tell.
First of all, our search for a new bass player has come to an end. We welcome Andreas Strebel to Endoras and look forward to a good time together. He convinced us with his dedication and his personality. Andi is, as some of you might guess, the former guitarist of The Pnois. Another guitarist convertedto bass player for Endoras. Now the band is complete and is working with full power towards our CD-Baptize where we perform live.
Speaking of our CD, there's also news concerning that and there even good ones.
Another week of calling Marconmedia didn't get us the results we wanted so today Mischa called again and spoke to the management of the company. And finally something happened. We got our first callback and even as a highlight the UPS-Tracking ID. Our CD's are on their way. :-) If they take the right road this time, they'll even arrive. As soon as this is the case there's gonna be a party. :-)
Stay tuned!
22.08.07 It will take even more time until we finally get our CD's. Marconmedia is not able to tell us what exactly happened to our order. They told us the CD's were shipped two weeks ago, but we're still waiting. This is a very strange and unprofessional company and tomorrow we will unleash hell upon them!
We all have been waiting for too long, now it's time for action. As soon as there's news you'll get informed.
14.08.07 Endoras is back from Wacken. In our baggage we got lots of new CD's, lots of plastic cup's, a special edition T-shirt "Most Wanted Flyerverteiler of Wacken" and some good memory's.
Unfortunately we're still waiting for our CD's. The Guy's at the Production company seems to have drunk a beer or two too much in Wacken. As soon as we got more news, you're the first to hear about it.
30.07.07 Endoras is heading for WACKEN! Unfortunately we're not going to play there, but we certainly gonna rock! We wish you all a fine rocking time, maybe we even meet in Wacken!
Cheeers! \m/
29.07.07 The CD should arrive in Switzerland some when during the next week. That's why we opened a pre-order page. If you would like to get you're Endoras record as soon as possible, you best order today and we will send out your copy as soon as we get them.
15.07.07 We certainly didn't expect the CD production to be such a complicated affair. Mischa had to call SUISA about five times until he was able to fill out the form that was needed. There were also some signatures missing to start the CD duplication. Now everything is set and done and the duplication is already in progress. It will take about 14 days until we finally get our CD's. Then you'll be able to order this masterpiece. :-)
To sweeten the wait, we uploaded one more song to our myspace site. Enjoy it!
24.06.07 Another step in the right direction has been taken. Friday we finished the booklet and placed our CD Order. It was quite a piece of work, but we made it. The last click was done late after midnight. But the time was used well, the booklet looks breathtakingly good. Great work EndoCrew! Now there's no going back! The order is out, all we can do is: waiting.
Unfortunately we're still missing one bass player. If you would like to join, please tell us.
20.06.07 Yesterday we celebrated the reunion with our full lineup but no spectators. It was a great evening. We played our set 2 times but I don't want to loose to many words about the first attempt. But the second time, we were great. We had a lot of fun, the heads were banging and we were posing as if our lives were at stake. This was a GREAT Endocrew, thanks for the evening!
Unfortunately we're still missing one bass player. If you would like to join, please tell us.
18.06.07 The reunion show last friday was a success. Thanks to all the spectators (merci Dini). It's a pity Andi missed the show. He will stay our keyboarder nevertheless. We're already searching for a new bass player.
Endoras is still searching for a bass player. Please tell us if you would like to join Endoras.
13.06.07 Endoras has split up today and until friday due to musical disharmonies. We will play our Reunion Show on friday in our band room. You're all welcome to witness this historical moment.
Endoras is still searching for a bass player. Please tell us if you would like to join Endoras.
10.06.07 We took one more step in the CD Production. We got the answer from SUISA an are welcome into the inner circle of musicians.
Next Stop: CD Manufacture.
Soon you'll be able to pre-order the CD, I'll upload a page in the next few day. Please hold on for a bit longer without Endoras-CD. While waiting you can listen to our songs on the myspace Site.
Endoras is still searching for a bass player. Please tell us if you would like to join Endoras.
31.05.07 Endoras is back from the Rock Hard Festival, sober an healthy. We already did some rehearsals and it went quite well. We all enjoyed rocking again.
The waiting for our music is over!! We uploaded some of our song's to our myspace site. We hope you enjoy our music as well as we do. We are anxious to hear your opinions about our sound.
It takes some more time until you can buy our record. We will keep you up to date about the CD production right here. While waiting, you can listen to the songs on the myspace site.:-)
17.05.07 It's been a busy month in Endoras. We start with the bad news: Michel our bass player left us for musical and personal reasons. Thanks for the good times. We are searching for a new bass master. If you would like to join our quest as bass player, please tell us.
Now to the good news: Endoras has found a new band room. This will be our refuge where we rehearse and party.
The CD production seems to come to an end, finally. We are now waiting for the confirmation from SUISA, then the Master can be sent out for duplication.
Just hold on for some more days and you will enjoy the pleasure of listening to our music. :-)
06.04.07 The recordings are over since tuesday!! All eight songs plus intro are on tape and a unforgettable time has come to an end. Mischa refined the songs with his vocals, now it up to Dave to get us some uber mixes. I'm anxiously waiting to hear to first mixes.
We don't know exactly when the record will come out but this will be decided during the next few days. So, stay tuned!
04.04.07 Today I got good and sad news to tell. Sad news first: Our drummer Padi has left the band after a very good and funny time because of musical differences. You can read his statement here. We wish you all the luck with your new project. Hopefully your musical dreams will be fulfilled!!
Now to the good new: Padi has presented his successor. Alex will be the new tormentor of drums! He fits perfectly into the band and we're looking forward to work with him. Welcome to Endoras, Alex!!
28.03.07 There are more highlights from the studio. The keyboards are all recorded. We even added the first bunch of solos today. Some more solos, some vocals and our recording session will be over. It's a pleasure to watch the baby grow, it's gonna be a big one, so watch out!
18.03.07 Another milestone is reached: the rhythm guitars are on tape!!The songs start to sound the way we imagined. I like the guitar sound, it's sharp and powerful. :-) Now it's up to you, Mischu and Andi to continue. Have fun singing and playing you two!
13.03.07 The recordings are making good progress. The Bass tracks are on tape, nice job Mülli!! I'm about to shred the guitars on tape, even Mischa has recorded his first Takes. Believe me, this is going to be a killer record! :-)
07.03.07 Good news from the studio-front. Pädi has won the battle against the evil Mr. Click. He finished his eighth and final drum track yesterday. Thanks, you did a great job Mr. Bumbum!
25.02.07 The countdown reached zero, this is the starting shot for our studio adventure. Yesterday we moved our equipment to Döttingen. You can read the whole story in our new studio diary, enjoy.
12.02.07 We are quite busy getting ready for the studio. After we had to change the date we enter the studio, there's only about two weeks left. We start recording at the begriming of next month. The time waiting for our songs will soon be over.
23.12.06 I'm very proud to present the new bandlogo on this website. I'd like to thank Bohne, Billi, Sandra and Andi for their brilliant work. You Rock!
Mery Christmas to all of you.
17.12.06 This Friday the rehearsal was quite short. We visited the studio of Dave Snow an came to an agreement. Endoras will enter the Studios april next year. We all look forward to this great adventure. Stay tuned for more news.
Andi did a great myspace website for us. You can check it out here.
25.11.06 Endoras has a manager now. A good friend of the band, Dominic Obrist took over the job. His in charge of the business side of the band. We're very happy that he's on board so we can fully concentrate on the music.
We look forward to work with you, welcome to Endoras Bössli.
20.11.06 I'm proud to announce that Endoras finally got a new band logo. Thousand thanks go to Bohne, Billi, Sandra and Andi how made this possible. You did a tremendous work, the new logo is great.
As soon as possible it will be integrated into the design of this web site. Stay tuned.
14.11.06 There are some more good news from the band:
- We get ourselves ready for the great studio adventure next year.
- We also want to release our first record in the next year. Stay tuned on this page to get the latest news.
- We already got seven songs that get better every time we play them. Number eighth Where Eagles Dare is on the way.
28.06.06 The Quest for a new keyboarder has come to an end. We found a key wizard, his name is Andreas. As soon as we got a picture, it will be shown on this page. Welcome to Endoras Andreas. We look forward to a great time!
31.05.06 There's Life in our band room. The songs get better and better every time we play them. To get ready for some live action there's just one piece missing... a keyboarder. If you now someone or even better are someone that's playing keyboard and likes to join our band, please contact us! There's enough room in our band room for plenty of keyboard stuff.
05.04.06 We're back in business! Our long lost drummer Padi is back and kicking ass like in the old days. We can also proudly present our new bass player Michel. Together we boarded a new band room where we're getting ready to spread our music throughout the lands.
02.03.03 We found out, that most of the guitar takes sound like crap. So I have to record them again.
You can check the progress here.
25.12.02 There are two more songs in the pipeline. We are working hard to finish Once in a Lifetime as soon as possible, so we are ready for the finish!
29.10.02 We just finished the guitar recordings of the sixth song. Now there's two more to come! I start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. and this time it isn't the headlight of the incoming train ;-)
30.07.02 I have more bad news. There's no Demo for Wacken. We didn't have the time to finish it properly due to Mischa's civilian service.
But I promise you, it will be finished 'till christmas at the latest!! Tomorrow Endoras is heading for Wacken.
See ya there!
15.05.02 Bad news from the band. My tendon-sheath hurts, therefore its very hard to play guitar or to work on the computer, I hope it gets better.
Mischa is saving some money so he can get a better mic for the vocal-recordings. That's the reason why there is just a short version without vocals of The Farewell Stone online.
03.05.02 At last some more news from the band. Due to Mischa's service for our country he has less time for the band. But this weekend, we did another recording session. Now we have five songs that are almost finished. That means work for me... I got to mix the whole thing :-)
05.03.02 Last week we did another recording session. Now most of the guitars of the fourth song are done. The drums for the fifth song have been really hard work. We needed about one thousand attempts to do it the way it should be. We felt the breath of madness on that one! ;-)
Next time we better smoke one less before that drum-business.
23.02.02 Today we finished the recordings of the first three songs. We also programmed the drums for the next two songs, you see we are doing something.
As I mentioned before the song Where Eagles dare will soon be ready for download in the Tunes-Section.
Stay tuned!
24.12.01 I think my christmas/new year-time is going to be busy! There are three songs I have to mix down and lots of links I plan to put on this site. I didn't even have the time to buy Wizardry 8 that finally I'm very proud to present as promised the first song of ENDORAS: "The Princess of the Dawn". I took me some days to get the sound we wanted but I think every attempt gets me closer. Enough talking, here is the link that leads you to this fine piece of music.
Merry Christmas to everyone!
18.12.01 I had to upgrade my computer recently because it was to weak to mix down our songs! I took me about two weeks to tweak it but now everything is working as it should. We planed to finish three songs with vocals and everything before new year. I promise you to put at least one song in the tunes-section till christmas. Don't miss it!
29.10.01 Finally we have beaten the read/write error's! We had to change the hard disk, now it all works fine... except my guitar that suddenly refused to work during the guitar recording-session! Now that we have survived the worst technical problems we just need a few more weeks and the first song will be ready for download in the Gallery-Section.
18.08.01 We just recorded and programmed the drums for the first two songs. It hasn't been easy because of some more read/and write errors. But it had also it's good side, now I know the drum parts by heart ;-). Next week we planned another session to finish the first two songs. Now we're really rocking, so stay tuned for our first demo!!!
15.05.01 We have now finished arranging the first three songs. But we had some problems with the recording equipment. It said something about read/write error... so we had to format the disk and start recording again ;-) . Nevertheless we're making progress. Stay tuned!
15.03.01 At last there are some news from the band. Mischa and I decided that we're gonna keep the fire burning. Now we have a nice little studio in Zetzwil, where we' re working like madmen on our material. I tell you, its going to be very cool fantasy-metal stuff, so check out the tunes section very often and maybe you're one of the first to listen to the TUNES OF ENDORAS. Stay tuned.
09.12.00 No news from the front. Have lost the contact to Mischa after I 've been to Ireland and Army but I hope that we will start again before next millennium.
22.01.00 Now we got a new band room!!!! not the one we expected, no we got a better one, with a snack-and beer-o-mat in range. many thanks to Silä, who made this possible! in about two weeks we will start again like phoenix!
11.01.00 We are still not sure about our band room, but we hope within few days this intricate situation will be history. the new band room will be in Zetzwil(AG). We have also new material that we can start with
17.03.00 Now we got that band room our drummer has some personal problems and has left the band. But Mischa and me will keep the banners high in the wind!