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We would also like to thank you here for the 500 followers on our facebook page. Many thanks for your support.

At the moment there's no live action planned, but we are quite busy working on new material. Two songs only lack lyrics and vocals and two more are getting better and better. One of them, working title "Iron Horse" is now almost finished. We got all the parts together and already made a recording in the rehearsal room. The other one, working title: "Hallenstadion" will maybe used as theme song for the "Metal-Maltheads" and is kind of a tribute to our heroes when we where young: Running Wild, Judas Priest.

Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the summer.



The gig at Ebrietas was a not very successful one. Thanks to my sister, her husband and some friends of them, we had at least kind of a audience to play for. Thanks for coming!!

Now the good news: there will be no gig anytime soon, because we need time to work on new material. So far we have been quite productive, we have two songs that are almost finished and a third one, that's starting to become good. Stay tuned for more news on the song writing progress.



It's time for the first bad news of the year.
And it is really bad news. The gig in Oberhausen was canceled by the organizer. Claudia was able to organize a replacment gig in Renchen, Germany. Thanks a lot for that. :-)

But unfortunately Mischa our singer got sick and is unable to perform at the moment. So we had to cancel the replacement gig. A big Endo-Sorry to the Come Inn Club in Renchen, we would like to have rocked your place.

Get well soon Mischu!


Welcome to the new year.. better late than never.

We hope you all had a good start, we certainly did. Already two gigs done, one in Kreuzlingen and one in Alpnach. It's always nice to see in what unexpected locations you find people that like good music.. like our music:-) Last Saturday was also the first gig in band history done with a DJ mixer. All you need is amps, a drum, two inputs and three outputs and your ready to rock. To be honest the sound was better than in some locations with a full blown PA.

Enough of the past, let's look into the future.
There's a big highlight coming in march. We already look forward to the gig in Oberhausen. So far this sounds like a cool event with whiskey tasting, special concert T-shirts, they even plan to record the gig on video. How sweet is that?

See you there. Cheers.


This week we again have a gig in Zurich, this time at Ebrietas. This is the last chance to see us live.... for this year.

Cheers and see you there.


We enjoyed the gig in Lenzburg last weekend. The food was great, the crowd after a few songs also. There was a small keyboard cabling issue before we could start but fortunately it didn't affect our performance much. We had lots of fun on stage and the fun started to spread after "The Farewell Stone". Thanks to everyone for the great evening.

Now we all look forward to next saturday. Then we will once more play with Excelsis in Zurich. We hope you all are also looking forward to this event. See you there!


Last week we were invited to a radio interview at Hellvetia. The only two courageous enough to meet the challenge were Andi and Marco. We had to answer a lot of difficult questions and drink a lot of beers. It was a really funny evening. You can listen to it here, if you understand (swiss) german. For your information: we also have a german website. .-)

The gig on last saturday was the first appearance of the full Earbreaker cast. A big thank to everyone who made this evening such a great evening.

For everyone who couldn't come to Gerlafingen, there's another chance to see us live this week. The Earbreaker Tour is going to break some ears at the Wisa Bar in Lenzburg.

Cu there!


The new gigs are rolling in. We even have four gigs planned for next year. Two of them are in Germany. We are looking forward to the one in Oberhausen, this is going to be a highlight from what I heard so far. There's more news coming.

Check out the "live" section of the page.

We are again working hard on new songs, the start sounding the way we want. Stay tuned.


The gig in Zurich was a blast. We had a lot of fun on the stage. Thanks to Angry Alliance and the Neugasshof team for the great event.

Unfortunatelly the gig at TOM was canceled, at least for us. We were looking forward to the event, maybe next year. Speaking of next year, we're going to have some gig in Germany. There's a storm rising in Oberhausen and we are looking forward to what's coming.



t's time for another update:

We are proud to announce the Eearbreaker Tour with Devil's Bridge and Strain Of Madness. Get ready for some heavy metal action. On the 31.10. we'll rock the Cotton Club in Gerlafingen and on the 6.11 we'' wreck the Wisa Bar in Lenzburg.

Speaking of Lenzburg, on the 12.6 we are opener for the Inishmore Launch Party at the Metbar. We look forward to this evening.

On the 3.10. at the TOM in Kreuzlingen the Metal Meeting will rock the town. Mooncry and dark side of me will celebrate metal with us, this is going go be an epic day.



We Are Back!

It's been a while since the last update. But we weren't as lazy as it seemed. We tried our luck again at a band contest - Emergenza - and started without any ambitions. But the first gig with Michi as our drummer went exceptionally well. He went trough his baptism of fire with ease. We sold 7 tickets and got 37 votes to make the semi finals, that's not bad, isn't it? Thanks for the numerous votes and to Paul and the Tech-Crew for a superb sound on and in front of the stage. We look forward to the semi finals.

Speaking of which, make note of the 24.4. This is the date of the semi finals. If we sell a few more tickets and start with a little less ambitions, we are booked for the finals, hehe.

On the 2.05. we play at Böröm Pöm Pöm in Oberentfelden. This is about 50m from our band room. We are looking forward to this gig. This year's been good to us when it comes to dragging equipment around. Two gigs where they provided everything and one gig right on our doorstep. . Let's have more of the same. :-)


Next Gig:
Fr 24.04.15 19:00
Emergenza Halbfinale
Exil, Zürich


Three months have passed and we got some more good news for you.

Endoras has found a new home in Oberentfelden. It was love on first sight and we even got the new rehearsal room within a few months. A new drumer, a new band room, now all we need is a big fat record contract and we're set, hehe.

The first two new songs are taking shape. One already rocks like hell, the other one needs some more fine tuning and we are good. At the moment we're furnishing the new band room and hopefully are doing the first rehearsal on friday.

We're looking forward to a productive time in our new home, stay tuned.


It's time to tell the good news: the quest for the search of a new drummer is over. The new beatmaster is called Michi Bühler. After we met for the first time it was clear, that on the personal side of things we're on the same page. After one rehearsal it was also clear that Michi is a beast behind his drums. It was obvious to us that Michi is our man!

Welcome aboard new Endobrother. We look forward to a glorious future together. Hail & horns up!!

Now that the void behind our drums is filled, the band room is getting quite crammed. Two big drum sets are too much for our room. That's why we need help finding a new band room. Please help us finding a new home. We are willing to provide a finder's reward in the form of a fan package (CD, Pin, T-Shirt, Sticker), a one year guest list access to our concerts. If you know any place that could be used as a band room and is in the vicinity of Aarau, please get in contact with us.


Next Gig:


We have good and bad news to tell.

Let's start with the bad news:
Alex, our drummer for the last seven years has left the band. We wish him all the best with his future projects and would like to thank him for the good time we were able to spend together. It has been a blast, we will miss you. Below you can read his "final words".

Hey everyone

Unfortunately I have to tell you that I will be leaving Endoras. I have decided to concentrate my musical engagement on one band in the future. I want to stress, that this decision has nothing to do with the musical orientation of the band nor with my relations with the other band members. On the contrary, it was a difficult decision to take and I will miss my Endobrothers a lot.
It was a great time and I wish Endoras a glorious future. Rock on, Endobrothers!

Alex 'Mexicaniker' Ortega

Let's move on to the good news:
We already have an applicant for the vacant space behind the drums and are eager to find out if this might be a fit. As long as we don't anounce a new drummer, you can still apply for the drummer job if you feel addressed. Just get in contact with us.


Next Gig:


Happy New Year to everyone.

We hope you all started as well as we did. We had a gig the 2th of January. We were all still fighting the aftermath of new year's eve. But man, the Ice Rock People really know how to organize a winter festival. A gypsy wagon for every band as backstage room, the perfect sound on stage, very good catering and very nice people, what a great evening it was. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Unfortunately this was the first and so far the last gig of the year, we hope to announce a few more gigs during the next months.We had a lot of fun on stage and look forward to more fun.

Next Gig:


We're back from Thun and can tell you that the travels we're worth the effort. A nice location, good people and a lot of crazy head bangers sweetened the evening. We never expected that many people to come to party there. A BIG ENDO-Thanks to everyone involved in the success of the evening.

For those of you who don't already have plans for the first days of the new year, we have a recommendation: come to the Ice Rock Festival and party with us.

Next Gig:
Do 02.01.2014
Ice Rock Festival , Wasen im Emmental


Hey Endodudes,
Finally the review from Metal Hammer arrived, and it's a good one. You can check it out here. It's good to know, that we're on the right track.
After a rather quiet summer we're back in action. We're busy rehearsing for the gig in Thun and working on new songs. There are some really good one's coming so stay tuned.

We'll meet in Thun, Cheers.

Next Gig:
Fr. 26.10.2013
Metalnight Thun, Thun


Cheersi Endo-Dudes

The new record has been out for quite a while but the reviews are still coming in. And what kind of reviews we got, no slating so far. Our record has even been elected "Record of the Year by a Swiss Band" by Metalinside. Thanks for the honor and thanks to everyone sacrificing their time to review our music.
We are still busy writing new songs, two already sound very promising.
Now we wish you a great start into the finally beginning spring.
Keep on bangin’ !!

Metal Ratings
Metal Glory

Nächster Gig:
Sa. 29.06.2013
Jugs, Nussbaumen (AG)


The gig at the Nordportal was great fun. It was rather cozy on the stage and it was quite an acrobatic maneuver to get from left to right. But we enjoyed our time and the audience also did. The first row was head banging like crazy, thank you guys.

This concert was also the last for the moment, as soon as we get some new offers we will update the website. Now it's time for sommer-break due to holidays in green and holidays in the green.


Next Gig:



The first wave of reviews just arrived, so far we only got good ones. Check them out on our review page. If you still need arguments to buy our new CD, you'll certainly find them there. We're really proud about the powermetal.de review. A few quotes for the german reading fans:

"..Abwechslungsreiche Kompositionen, mit einer ordentlichen Portion Melodie und Kraft. Auch das gefühlvolle Duett als Finale kommt Energie geladen und nicht zu schmalzig rüber. Die Stimmen ergänzen sich perfekt."
8 Punkte | André (Medazzarock)

"..ENDORAS haben in den vergangenen vier Jahren eine enorme Entwicklung durchgemacht und können sich mit dem zweiten Album "The Dark Legacy" bereits in die vorderen Ränge spielen. Freunde eines vielseitigen Epic Metal mit konzeptioneller Ausrichtung sollten sich das Album nicht entgehen lassen."
8.5 / 10 | Steve Muench (Powermetal.de)

Let's just hope we got more reviews like that. It looks like some people really like our music.

There are also two gigs to announce. We will rock the birthday party of Andrea, Singer of Inishmore at the Chillout in Boswil. More info's are found below on the page. You are all invited to celebrate with us and Inishmore.
The second gig is a really special one. We will be opener for the opener of Rhapsody of Fire. Yes, we will open the gig for Elvenking on the 9. of June at Metalvetia in Herisau. We look forward to this gig and to the metal crowd there. It will be our first concert in the region.

Cheers, see you live.


Welcome to the new year.
Welcome to the new website.

As most of you hopefully noticed, the website now wears it's new "The Dark Legacy" cloths. We hope you like it and you find your way around.

At last there's a new guestbook. I think it looks great and makes the old one look very... ähm old.
And it works, I even can delete unwanted posts again. As you can see, things are doing better.

We made it into the news paper in Live Review in Liechtenstein. We were compare to Uriah Heep, that hasn't happen before. From now on our style will be called folk-punk, hehe.

Stay tuned, soon we will announce gigs for this year.


Next Gig:

29.12.11 Dear Endos

An eventful year comes to an end. An just in time for our release party the CD's arrived. The Party was unbelievable. We won't forget the evening for a long time, the crowd was amazing. The monk that baptized our CD was perfect and everything went as planed. What a great evening. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. The gig in Liechtenstein was also a blast. Performing "A Whisper In The Wind" with Simone of Elis on stage was also unforgettable. Thanks also for your performance on the Record. We would also like to thank Hanes and Urs of 2ton Studio, Gorge Grie for the brilliant Cover, Mikko Karmila und Mika Jusilla of Finnvox for the brilliant mixing and mastering job.
We wish all of you a good new year. We hope to see you at future concerts. Rock n Roll!

Next Gig:
16.11.11 The CD's finally arrived last friday. We could hardly believe it at first but it's true. The CD production that started in february is over and we reached our goal. You better believe us, this record is awesome. The songs, the mix, the cover and the booklet everything just fits perfectly. It's an unbelievable feeling to hold the freshly pressed record and to listen to it the first time. Thanks to everyone involved in this monster project, you made it possible.
There are a few songs that we won't play at the release party. The reason for that are problems of logistical origin. To tell the truth, there was no time to rehearse the song in the short time. But there's good news for everyone who likes "A Whisper In The Wind" from the new record. We will play the song at our gig in Liechtenstein. We will perform the song with Simone Christinat who is responsible for the brilliant female vocals on the song. So you better not miss this special event.
Cheers. Next Gig:
Sa 19.11.2011 20:00 - Release Party "The Dark Legacy" - Met-Bar, Lenzburg (AG)
24.10.11 Last saturday was a really good evening. We were on stage for the first time since half a year and it felt good. Thanks to Fragment of Symmetry for organizing the event and special thanks to Andy for the yummy food.
The CD production is getting closer to the finish line. At last. We just received the mastered songs for listening and I got to tell you something. It blew my mind away. M&M (Mikko Karmila und Mika Jussila) are worth every single euro they got for Mixing and Mastering. As soon as we receive the master it will be sent to the pressing plant. If everything goes well, we will get the CDs just in time for our release party.
Speaking of, the party we be held on the 24 of Novmeber at the Met-Bar in Lenzburg. And the best part,admission is free. So you will have plenty of bucks to spend for beer or mead. Cheers.

Next Gig:
Sa 19.11.2011 20:00 - Release Party "The Dark Legacy" - Met-Bar, Lenzburg (AG)
26.09.11 Cheers Metalheads,
after a very intense studio time in the 2ton Studio we're proud to announce, that the recordings are done and the mix is on the best possible way. Mikko Karmila of Finnvox Studio (Nightwish, Children of Bodom etc.) has agreed to mix and master our material. We already heard the first song and you can trust us, it's a killer mix. Without the good preparation and recordings from Hannes of 2ton Studio this would 't have been possible. 1000 thanks dude – you rock!!!
Now the last "little" tasks like booklet, CD production and website update have to been done so everything is ready for our CD Celebration Party on the 19.11. at the metbar.
On the 22.10. the concert season will start again for us. We rock the house with Fragment of Symetry and Dystera in Langenthal at Kulturstall.
CU there!
L et’s rock & horns up!

Next Gig:
Sa 22.10.2011 19:30 - Symphonic Metal Night- Kulturstall, Langenthal (BE)
27.06.11 As time goes by some things change, even for the better. Usually bands split up in the studio, but somehow we were forged together. Our keyboarder Andreas decided to stay in the band so the search for a new keyboarder is officially over. Thanks for the decision and welcome back on board dear friend.
The work on the new record "The Dark Legacy" gets nearer and nearer to end. All the recordings are done except for the female vocals of Simone
Christinat. Her voice will refine one song. We look forward to hear the final version.
One of our new Songs "Dance Of Giants" will be on the latest "Heavy Metal Nation VIII" sampler so be sure to grab one. Thanks to Jan for the request.
Stay tuned for some more news about the record and new gigs.
07.03.11 It's time for an update from the studio.
Drums and bass are already done, we also finished the guitars. As you see we progress well. Next on the menu are keyboards and vocals. We will keep you up-to-date.
What we heard so far sounds great, you can look forward to a killer record.

Next Gig:
Sa 07.05.2011 20:00 -Endoras & Crowmen -Restaurant Ochsen, Döttingen (AG)
22.02.11 I didn't exaggerate with the 40-ton truck last time I wrote here. It was quite a logistical masterpiece to get all the drum parts into the studio. Thanks to the 2ton Studio for their drum. We needed that for the gig at the Met-Bar. So this drum was then moved to the band room and the whole equipment into the studio. To be honest, we did enough of equipment moving for the next few months.
But we got good news from the studio. At the end of last week we already had a lot of the drum and bass tracks done. Next week will be 6 string time. What we heard so far sounds great. The drums already blow us away.
Speaking of blown away. The gig at the Met-Bar was unbelievable. The crowd was crazy, the food was great, the beer tasted and the mead was sweat. What an unforgettable evening. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Good look to Marcel for the future of the Met-Bar

Next Gig:
Sa 07.05.2011 20:00 -Endoras & Crowmen -Restaurant Ochsen, Döttingen (AG)
19.01.11 Hi Endoheads

We hope you all had a good start into the year 2011.
The band started with some good and one bad news. Let's start with the bad news:

Shortly before the end of the year our keyboarder Andi told us that he likes to leave Endoras at the end of the production of the new CD out of personal reasons. It's important for us to let you all know, that there's no bad blood between Andi and the band. He will continue to play the keyboards live as long as we don't find a new keyboarder. Whoever likes to join us as new keyboarder, please contact us at: mischa @ endoras.ch

Now let's talk about the good news:
The Met-Bar in Lenzburg will reopen in february of this year. And guess who's gonna consecrate the place? Yes it will be our honour to be the first metal band to play in the new Met-Bar. Marcel was pretty determined to book us for this job so we couldn't say no. Even if this means we have to take a break in the studio.

Mike from the Absolut Pub in Lucerne also asked us to visit his Pub once more. Who could deny a request from Black Jack himself? Certainly not us.
As you probably all know we're in a kind of a pre production stress at the moment. The songs are taking their final form and they already blow us away.

At the 10. of February our drummer Alex will load a 40-ton truck full of drum equipment and will fill out all the available space at the 2 ton studio. Hehe.

We look forward to meet you in Lenzburg.

Next Gig:
Sa 12.02.2011 20:00 -Endoras - Met-Bar, Lenzburg (AG)
26.09.10 The gig in Frauenfeld last weekend was kind of a revelation to us. Who would have thought that the place would be that crowded and that the fans would be that enthusiastic? It was an unforgettable evening. Lordren fired the crowd up with their set so it was easy for us to rock the house. Not even a broken guitar string could spoil the evening.
When the gig was over we were asked to play there again next year. Our answer was a clear one: YES!
Thanks to the Ölfleck Team for the great food and drinks, to Andi for the super sound and to the crowd for their support.
Right after the gig, the night was not over for us. We were asked for an interview for Radio 21. Roman bombarded us with questions. You can listen to the interview tomorrow on Radio 21 at 18:00. Enjoy!

Next Gig:
Sa 23.10. 2010 20:00 Endoras & Frozen Sword in Vevey.
13.09.10 We have been quite busy in the last few months. The preproduction goes on more or less as planned, we are closing in on the last song. One of the new song celebrated it's live premiere last saturday on our first open air in band history. It was a double premiere so to say. And it was a great evening: super sound thanks to Dani and his wife from Light & Music, to Suggi who filmed the gig to Claudia our manager, without her we would be lost.
We had a radio interview with Radio Radius. You will be informed as soon as we know when it will be aired.We also have some sad news for you. The gig in the Met-Bar has been cancelled. We have a lot of good memories from that location but unfortunately there won't be any new ones. The place has been closed.

Next Gig:
Sa 18.09.2010 20:00 „Live im Ölfleck - Metal Edition“ Endoras and Lordren, Ölfleck Frauenfeld (TG)
02.08.10 It has been quite a while since the last update. There's even a reason for that. We declined all offers for concerts so we can concentrate on the new record that's going to be released next year. So we're not lazy, no, to the contrary we were rather busy the last months.
For everyone who doesn't own our first CD yet, there's a chance to get it for a good price from daydeal.ch on the 5.8.10. Take your chance!

Next Gig:
Sa 10.09.2010 20:00 Cinema 8 Festival , Cinema8 in Schöftland (AG)
25.05.10 What a wicked night the last sunday was. We had a gig with Caladmor and it sure was an unforgettable evening.
It all started during the soundcheck. Mischu's amp was almost silent and then all the lights went out. We found out it was the fuse. Thanks to the vast spare parts depot it was replace within no time. So far, so good. Then came the bassdrum skin, that refuse to withstand the beating it gets and cracked. Fortunately they also had a spare skin at Dynamo so we could replace it.
The gig was fantastic, the place was crowded and everyone was in high spirit's. We were even shouted back on stage with "more, more" shouts after our set. What a great feeling.
Caladmor also rocked the place, and as a highlight the snare drum skin cracked during one of their songs. But it was replaced within minutes with our drummer's snare. That was the last time the equipment devil struck.. at least for that night.

Next Gig:
Sa 05.06.2010 20:00 with Crowmen at the Metal-Garage.
13.04.10 Sometimes myths are truer than you believe. There's no other explanation for what happened last saturday. We made a visit to the Black Jack Inn and Black Jack himself served us Black Jack Whiskey. That was a night to remember. The Inn was full of elves and dwarves, the beer was good we felt at home from the first time we entered the bar.
Thanks to Mike and his absolut brilliant Absolut crew for the evening.
There are some Pictures of the evening, thanks to Rambo the webmaster, we can use them here too.
Next chance to see us live:

07. Mai 2010 20:00

Don't miss this!
29.03.10 A month has passed since our last gig and we were quite busy during that time. Two more songs are almost finished, they just lack the polishing. To be honest, we have no time to waste because we decided to start the recording of a new record at the end of this year. You can look forward to a killer CD.
Next chance to see us live and to listen to some of the new songs is the 10. of april. Then we play at the Absolut Pub in Lucerne.
There's a new member in our crew we have to introduce. Andreas Wehrli, yes yet another Andi. He is Sound technician with his own company Linemix and he offered us his help to achieve a killer Live Sound. Thanks and welcome aboard.
The requests for concerts just keep on coming, too much to mention them all. Please take a look at the concert list to see if anything is near you.
07.03.10 The gig last weekend with Ravenheart was great fun. The sound on stage was great, we were welcomed with fruits and sweets and to club was cozy. What a great evening. Thanks to Ravenheart for giving us the chance to support them.
Now it's time for a live break. We need time now for our new song. The first one "Dance of Giants" is almost finished, the second one "Dark Legacy" is improving.
The next chance to see us live is on the 10. of april, then we will rock the Absolut Pub in Lucerne. See you there.
31.01.10 Welcome to a new metal year. We hope you all started as well as we did. On the 8.1. in Zurich they even rolled out the red carpet for us.. unfortunately when we left. .-) Without the carpet our bandbus, would probably still be there.It was icy as hell. The evening was fun and even got us another gig. We support Ravenheart at their gig at the Rocktown in Pfäffikon on the 27.2. Thanks to Martin and the Heavy Shit Productions team for the good time.
We would also like to thank everyone who withstood the snowstorms and came to support us at the Klaushouse. It was a great evening thanks to Klaus and his crew who made us feel at home, you rock!
Now back to rehearsal, we got some new songs to work on.
Stay heavy!
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