Saturday 24.02.07

Today the migration to the studio is on the program. We meet in the afternoon in our band room. Everyone is very excited and a bit nervous. This is the first time we record in a studio for most of us. Some of us still suffer from the aftermath of yesterdays rehearsal. But we are fit enough to move the equipment out of the band room, it didn't even take too much time. While we move our stuff we realize how big Pädi's drumkit is. It takes many elevator loads to get the kit into our cars. Now the band room looks empty and its time to leave the empty room and fill the studio with our stuff.

The Endo-Convoy reaches its destination in Döttingen safely. Mr. Pädi Impreza needs to wait a few time for our drum transporters to catch up. Father and son Heinen miss the gateway in Döttingen. We fear they drive all the way up to Pärlby, but they also arrive in the studio only a few minutes later. As soon as everyone is there it starts raining. We don't want to expose our equipment to the rain so we sit down and drink a few beers. The studio is cozy, Dave is in good mood, we feel at home. There's just one thing that worries us, especially Pädi. Is there enough space for the drumkit in the recording room?

After the cozy get-together there's some work to do. The equipment needs to be move into the studio. The only way to do that is to take a narrow and steep stair. We carry everything upstairs successfully, nothing gets broken, none falls down the stairs-of-doom. Even Pädis drum fits into the recording room without touching any walls. So there was no need to make further plans how we could leave Pädi behind his drumkit for the whole recording session. Everyone is happy that everything works fine so far. Now that's a reason to party and that's what we did. Round two of our cozy get-together. Cheers!

We celebrate the first day with a diner with the whole band. The food is tasty, except Andi's Spaghetti's. We guess they warmed them up in the Cordon Blue pan. After the diner a part of the Endo-Crew moves on to Billi's Flat where we the party goes on. I still feel the aftermath.

That's our first day in the studio, I look forward to our first recording session.