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  In 1997, the paths of Mischa Heinen and Marco Denicola have crossed for the first time on their way to the metal open air W.O.A. Quickly became apparent that they had not only similar musical tastes, but also in an own band would play. This was the Foundation for Endoras. It took however some years before really suitable musicians could be found. With Patrick Hofmann (drums), Michel Müller (bass) and Andreas Niederer (keyboards), a stable line-up was come 2005 finally about. After two-year intensive trial period, finally in 2007 they recorded their first demo: Blood on the Horizon. Because of displeasure and different views about the musical direction, Patrick and Michel decided to leave the band still Blood on the Horizon was released. But the band didn’t remain understaffed for a long time. Alex Ortega (drums) and Andreas Strebel (bass) joined the band in 2007. Together in this formation, Endoras played a series of live concerts in the years 2009 and 2010. On the 19 of November 2011, they released their new album: The dark Legacy.  

The Crew

Andi - Keyboard Mischa - Guit / Vocs Marco - Guitars Andi - Bass Michi - Drums